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Your Garage door is most likely the heaviest moving object that is part of your home. While safety standards enacted in 1993 that required every new door sold have an automatic reversal reduced injuries, garage doors still injure and even kill. In the last two years, at least one toddler lost her life to a garage door.Do you want to learn more? Visit crash testing doors and windows

Here are 5 Facts You Should Know:
Once a luxury, the garage door is now part of the fabric of American homes. There are over 35 million garage doors in operation in the country.
Garage doors open about 1500 times a year and most are rated to last for 10,000 cycles – or roughly 6-7 years.
Insider Exclusive reported in 2013 that there were more than 30,000 people injured annually by garage doors – injuries range from pinched fingers to serious brain injuries and death.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that up to 40% of automatic reversal systems were defective – some allowed the door to continue down with enough pressure to kill a child.
In a 2007 study (the last completed), the top five injuries were pinch/crush injuries from panels, falling doors, injuries to do-it-yourselfers working on the door, and injuries from sharp edges. Note the 9th and 10th most common injuries were from racing to beat the door and riding the door. These two categories are likely to be children.

3 Important Things to Do
It is important that you recognize the danger of a garage door. Here are two “must-do’s” to keep you and your family safe.

Talk to Every Member of the Family about Garage Door Safety. Don’t let children play with the remote – it becomes a magic toy in their eyes when they get to operate the door. Don’t ever let a child or an adult play “beat the door” when it’s closing and trying to hitch a ride must be disallowed. Make sure every family member knows the rules and understand why they’re important.
Test the Auto Reversal. While it is more often recommended that you use a wooden block for testing, don’t. Instead, test with a roll of paper towels. Their size and softness most matches that of a small child. If your garage door stops and reverses, this is a much better test of how it would act if a child were trapped. If it doesn’t, call in an expert garage door company to see if they can adjust the door to this standard.
Have a Once-a-year Garage Door Safety Check. It’s more than just the auto-reverse function. You want to make sure that the garage door springs that are under such heavy tension are in good shape and safe for operation. This is not a do-it-yourself endeavor. A garage door company may spot weak spots that you wouldn’t even see.